Older beggar Internet chick fucked at road side

Every day I go to my second job place after ending my first job by bus. I always use a shortcut way to reach the bus stoppage soon and I have to pass a byroad. An old beggar maid sitting under the shed of a tree beside the road begs. I couldn’t guess her age; she may be about 75 or 80 years. Entire hairs of her head are ripen and turned white, she wore a glass with broken thick lens but the skin of her body is not so loosened. Sometimes I throw coin of one or two taka on her sack, which she uses for sitting and collecting alms. Her complexion is white and it can be guessed that she was very fair in her young age.

I was starting for my second job place and walking alongside the road to reach the nearby bus stoppage. When I reached nearby the beggar-woman, I saw that she was sitting but facing oppositely, she has turned her body towards the tin-made fence. I was staring at her and walking slowly, because the sun was very hot that day and I felt tired to walk. The road was quite solitary at that time. Rarely one or two passer-by was walking through. Being curious I was staring at the beggar-woman and when I reached within 10 yards she moved and slowly began to turn round sitting on the sack on her feet.

When she faced towards me suddenly my eyes stuck at her lower part and saw that from her bum to knee the entire portion is uncovered and soon I found her nice pussy which was fully bald and long, I even saw her long clitoris and pussy hole opened. The woman can’t see well and became old. I thought she turned opposite to urinate and after finishing the work she adjusted her dress but she could cover her knees and the part of the dress under her bum stuck and she could not realize that. I reached within two yards and could more clearly her opened pussy.

Soon a thought poked in my brain that I have fucked a huge numbers of girls/ladies/women but never fucked so old woman like this beggar. So I can easily try to fulfill the gap of my experience and it would be a memorable incident in my life. As I thought that I had already decided the entire plan. I looked my backward and saw there is none in the road. I sat in front of the beggar and told “Nani, bish taka vangti hobey (granny, have you change of twenty taka?” I sat covered her front part that nobody could see her uncovered part of the body but I could see her entire nice bald pussy from the nearest distance.

She asked “how much dollars I’ll return you?” I replied “ive me fifteen dollars back.” Maximum passers by generally give one or two dollars to the beggars but the aim of my plan to make her happy, because I have to talk with her. Really she became very happy and smiled with her toothless saggy mouth looking at me. She was counting the money. In this gap I told her “granny, why have you kept your letter box opened, feeding it fresh air?” She stared at me and tried to see my face clearly but failed for her weak vision and angrily told “deho bai misa kota koyo na, pach teha diso khusi hoisi, tai buila ja khusi tai koiba, nokhra beta door ho ehan thika (see brother, don’t tell a lie, you have given me five taka and I have become happy but you can’t tell anything what you wish, you coquetry man leave this place.” She again adjusted her dress at her legs and knees but the lower part remained sticking with her bum and her pussy remained bare.

I smiled and told “granny, you are not believing my word, then what is this?” I stretched my hand and grabbed her pussy and rubbed her clitoris in that chance. Then she also checked by touching her own hand with her bared pussy and smiled foolishly and adjusted her dress to cover her lower part and told “grandson, you are very good man, actually I can’t see well, I thought that I adjusted my cloth but see, I remained nude, you saved the honor of an old woman, Allah will bless you, may you live long.” She touched my head and rubbed her hand.

I took the opportunity and that was the glorious chance for me to propose her. So I told “granny, your letter box is very nice to look at, I saw the whole.” The beggar-woman smiled shyly and told “shit nice, it remains useless for long years, so what comes or go for its cuteness or ugliness, none drops letter in this letter box, I’ve become old”. I smiled and told “I think you are repenting for not dropping letter by anybody, so you are craving for dropping letter in this stage of your age?”

She again looked at me and smilingly told “what fault of the age there, age must be increased, but is the heart collapsed, I wouldn’t lie to you bro, really still I wish but who will come to an old woman. I took the opportunity and told “granny, if you permit I can drop my letter into your nice letter box, tell, will you take my letter?” Her smile widened and told “why do you banter?” I looked both side and saw nobody was in the way and told “granny, I’m not bantering, if you agree then tell me soon, I’ll give you hundred taka for that.”

She looked at me and asked “are you not telling a lie, at last you will depart without giving me the money.” I told her in a weighty voice “granny, have you thought about me such, okay I’ll give you the money just now, take it.” my that part is itching after rubbing you, will you scratch again?”

I smiled and told “but you have covered all, how will I scratch?” is there any passer-by?” I looked around and saw none and replied “No”. She stretched her hand and told “give me your hand.” I stretched my hand and she grabbing it inserted into her dress and placed my hand on her pussy. I began to rub her pussy and her clitoris. Then I inserted a finger into her pussy hole and began to move.

I saw the woman’s face expression turned into getting ecstasy and she told “insert another finger.” I inserted another and was moving to and fro she then asked to insert another and I inserted three fingers at a time and was moving. I astonishingly saw that she slightly moaned in response. After passing about 2 minutes someone I saw coming along the road and I informed her. She soon returned my hand from her attire. After passing that man she asked me “grandson, where will you take me?” I replied “lets go in the bush behind this fence.” She told “I can’t walk, lift me up.”

I inserted a hand under her knees and another hand under her back and lifted her up, she was skinny and light so I easily lifted her up and when I started she shouted “take the sack”. I snatched the sack and took her into the thick bush of small tress behind the fence. Nobody was in the road and the bush was a safe place, I spread the sack and laid the old woman on the sack. Her dress displaced from her upper body and I saw her breasts were dried up and only the nipples were stiffed there. She asked me to rub her nipples and I screwed her both nipples for few seconds. Then I removed her shari from her lower part and spread her legs wider and her pussy became opened.

The pussy was fully bald and no sign of pubic hairs I saw there. I asked “granny, have your pubic hairs not grown?” She smiled and replied “why will not be grown, I had thick bush of pubic hairs in my young age, gradually all were rooted out.” I then began to titillate her clitoris and was rubbing her clitoris and orifice of the pussy hole gently and she may enjoy, because she was shutting her eyes. After rubbing about 2 minutes I noticed that suddenly a flow of pre-cum juices oozed for once and I rubbed it at her pussy hole to make it slick. She then told “grandson why are you delaying, do it soon).”

I unhooked my trouser and downed it beneath my knees with underwear and my erected iron hard penis was stiffing upward. I knelt between her legs and bended my penis downward and set at the orifice of her pussy hole which is slicked already though I applied more pre-cum from my penis by pressing its head. Then I applied pressure to insert my penis into the old woman’s pussy hole. My circumcised strawberry shaped pointed penis head popped into the pussy hole easily and then I thrust my entire penis into her pussy hole. Her pussy hole was loosened and my penis was moving through it easily without any difficulty. I think her cunt was used by several persons earlier and I desired to know that.

I kept continuing my penis’s movement forward and backward and asked her “granny, I think you looked very fair in your young age, have nobody affected in love with you before marriage?” She replied “yes grandson, a man loved me very much, he only fucked me by telling love words to me, then he left me. I again asked “then?” She was telling in a low tone “then I got married with one, he always passed his time in the brothel drunken.”

I was continuing fuck her but there was no response such from her part, I thought earlier that I would enjoy much but I was not getting so enjoyment by fucking her, her cunt was charmless and loosened. I then grabbed her pubic muscle and pulled upward and then the orifice of the pussy hole became squeezed and gave tightness at my penis. I think she also began to response then and she was swung her waist slightly. I then asked “granny, your husband passed time in the brothel, then what did you do?”

Granny giggled and told “is there any shortage of man for fucking a beautiful girl, always boys teased me.” I smiled and went to my main point “understood, granny, I’m wishing to know, how many males fucked you in your life? Your cunt is loosened.” She giggled and told “I can’t remember the actual number, but it must be ten to twelve.” I understood about her agreeing to my proposal so easily. She was a professional player of fucking with males in her young age, even she couldn’t refuse me in her present age, and she has greed for money.”

I was fucking her with the full strength and I had the only destination to eject, her loosened pussy couldn’t give me sufficient friction, otherwise she has no breast to squeeze and I have no way to suck anything so ejecting was very difficult. I then lifted her both legs together and jointly hugged those, at this way her cunt became some squeezed and I again thrust my penis into her loose cunt and began to fuck hard, my thighs were hitting her bum and produced some sound, I became careful about that or someone may hear it from the road. Once I thought about fuck her asshole but I saw her asshole was very ugly to see, so I began to fuck her with my full strength.

Once she told “grandson, your tool has strength, size also gigantic, I got such thing only once in my life”. I continued my fucking but she had no response about the fucking. After about 10 minutes she slightly responded and began to moan. Then I kept her legs aside on the ground and laid her on her flank and began to fuck by pressing from her bum, it made slightly tightness inside the pussy hole. She also responded slightly and about after 5 minutes more I felt slight spasm inside her pussy and she pressed my waist with her weak legs and made a sound aaaaaahhhhhhh. Then I saw that some thick sticky juice was oozing through her pussy hole.

I have no way to eject and I couldn’t feel any charm from that fucking. Otherwise she ejected and her pussy hole became very juicy. So I again laid her on her back and spread her legs wider and began to rub my penis with her opened pussy. In that way I was rubbing my penis head with her pussy and clitoris and handled like masturbate. At last I came to my ejection and ejected my load on the ground. After that I again took the woman to her place and kept her there. A man was coming alongside the road, he asked me about what happened. I told her that the woman requested me to take her into the bush that she was feeling defecate.